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3 Crucial Questions to Ask a Patent Attorney in Tulsa, OK

After you have created an invention, the first step you take should be getting a patent attorney. An attorney will help you figure out whether you need to patent an idea or not, and help you with the process. Here are some Questions to Ask a Patent Attorney in Tulsa OK, before you hire them for the job.

Are you experienced in handling patent related matters?
Patent law is not one of the most common sources of legal battles. Therefore, it is a little bit more difficult to find a lawyer for patent matters. When looking for a patent attorney, narrow the search down to companies that have a track record of dealing with patent cases. When interviewing a lawyer, be sure to ask them whether they have personally dealt with patent cases before. In case they have not, try and find someone that has more experience in patent situations.

Does my invention qualify for patenting?
There are certain factors that determine whether your invention can be protected by the patent laws. Some of these factors include the nature of the invention, the originality of the ideas that made the invention, and other related factors. The lawyer will take time and look into the details of your invention to determine the possibility of patenting it.

How much will I be paying for the services?
This is another important question. When you are hiring a lawyer, you will need to establish whether you can afford their services before you get involved with them. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you have understood everything that relates to the legal fees and any other charges that could be included in the process. This will stop you from hiring a lawyer you cannot afford.

While it is true there is no exact number of questions that can be termed as enough vetting for a patent lawyer, the three discussed here should be a good starting point. If you need help patenting an invention, speak to Edward L White PC Attorney At Law. He can answer all the Questions to Ask a Patent Attorney in Tulsa OK, and protect your idea from theft.
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