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3 Signs that You Need Basement Waterproofing in Cambridge MA

All of the seasons have their fair share of potentially damaging weather patterns, rain in the Spring and Summer, and snow in the Fall and Winter prove to be problematic. Everyone wants to protect their home from the elements and a lot of people do a good job, but some forget that their basement is also vulnerable to the elements. Waterproofing your basement can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Cracked or buckling walls

Cracked and buckling walls are a sign of minimal water damage. This should be tended to immediately. Cracks can be vertical, horizontal, stair step, or diagonal. Any of these fissures can lead to costly damage. The wider the cracks, the more severe the pressure. Buckling walls usually appear to cave inward, for example, if there is a lump in your wall, there is probably water seeping in from somewhere.


White, powdery dust can fall to the floor and settle at the base of the walls. This is another sign of potential damage. Porous walls may only be showing slight cosmetic damage, but other types of structures are usually showing signs of structural weakness. This kind of damage can be reversed if caught soon enough, but it can also turn into a full blown catastrophe if left unattended for too long. Not only does efflorescence cause cosmetic damage, it could be a sign that you need to invest in waterproofing in Cambridge MA.

The Presence of Mold

Mold build up is a true telltale sign of water damage which requires waterproofing. Mold can grow in various forms, but the most common is black mold. It grows in damp, dark areas like wet basements and it can cause respiratory damage in the long term. Mold not only poses a health risk, but you usually need a professional to come out and eradicate it so that it doesn’t come back later and this can cost a great deal of money.. If you see mold around your basement, seek a professional to remove it and then find someone who provides waterproofing in Cambridge MA.

Mold, cracks, buckling, and efflorescence are all signs of minimal water damage and should urge you to seek repairs and waterproofing. To serve all of your waterproofing needs, look into Drycrete Waterproofing.

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