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3 Stone Engagement Rings – Symbols Of Everlasting Love

Engagement rings have long been a symbol of two people who love one another and have decided to share the rest of their lives together and take care of each other. Because of this, it is no surprise that there are many types of engagement rings available, each with something that makes them special and has significance for couples. One kind of engagement ring that has a very symbolic meaning and has become one of the top styles of ring are 3 stone engagement rings.

What Is The Special Significance Of 3 Stone Engagement Rings?

As its name implies, a 3 stone engagement ring has a design that employs three gemstones. These are meant to represent the eternity of true love, with a stone standing for the past, present and future. The stones used can vary greatly in size, shape and color.

Personalizing Your 3 Stone Engagement Ring

There are many unique ways to customize your 3 stone engagement ring, to make it more personal and meaningful in its significance to yourself and your future spouse. Here are some of the aspects of the ring you should have in mind when you are looking for the perfect 3 stone engagement ring:

-The color of the metal. 3 stone engagement rings can be a variety of different colored metals, including gold and platinum.

-The type of stones used. Diamonds are a very popular choice, but the center and side stones can be other gemstones.

-The color of the stones. They can be colorless, or any colors you enjoy or that are meaningful in some way.

-The shape of the stones. 3 stone engagement rings can come in a wide range of looks, due to the different combinations and patterns that can arise from the many ways and shapes the stones can be cut.

-The style of the 3 main stones. For an especially stunning 3 stone engagement ring, you can find one that has a halo of smaller gemstones around the three center ones. This can accentuate their beauty, make them seem larger and more valuable, and draw more attention to them.

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