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Foods You’ll Love For Houston Saturday Brunch

For most people, there is nothing better than a Saturday Brunch in Houston. You can have alcohol, breakfast foods and your favorite lunch items, as well, all under one large meal. Plus, you can eat later, meaning you can sleep in and enjoy yourselves more thoroughly. Most people are unaware of the options for this meal because there can be so many.


You’ll always find a lot of seasonal fruits for the meal because they can add sweetness without being too filling. You can start off with an appetizer of various fruits with yogurt and honey, or possibly consider an entrée filled with delicious berries.


Breakfast items are very popular for brunches, and can include pancakes, French toast, eggs made an infinitely many ways and English muffins. Many people prefer poached eggs, but you can also find scrambled, over-easy, over-medium and omelets as far as the eye can see.

The best part is that you can add different things to your eggs that you may not consider normally. For example, you can have smoked salmon, spinach, onions, potatoes, and other delicious options.

For those who prefer meat and eggs, you can consider beef fillets, eggs, and roasted potatoes, and so much more.

The beauty is that you can mix your breakfast with your lunch items, which helps to create the perfect meal.


For those who prefer lunch options, with a little breakfast added into the mix, you’ll find a lot of choices. Smoked salmon, beef fillets, polenta, and Ratatouille, are all excellent choices. Plus, you can add some eggs to make it even more special. Other meat options can include pancetta, Italian sausage, chicken breast and so many others.


Most people believe that the point of brunch is just to eat eggs, and while almost every dish will include eggs, that doesn’t have to be the only benefit of the meal. If you dislike eggs, you’ll still find plenty of delicious options, and if you do like eggs, you won’t mind yet another reason to eat them. If you’re worried about what you’ll have or don’t want to wait, consider visiting the website of the restaurant you wish to visit. Most of them will offer their menu online to make choosing a little easier. Plus, you can find out prices and get a better idea of how much money to bring with you, as well.

A Houston Saturday brunch should be about enjoying the company of those you are with, as well as eating various foods that you normally wouldn’t eat together. Visit Mia Bella Trattoria today to learn more.

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