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3 Things You can do with Your Junk Car

3 Things You can do with Your Junk Car

There are several reasons to hang on to an old car. If most people can afford a new car, they will purchase it instead of driving the old one. Sometimes, you have no choice but to get rid of the old because it is officially a clunker. The good news is that once your vehicle reaches that status, it is not a complete loss. Professionals are readily available to take junk cars in Blue Island off your hands.

Here are three things you can do with your junk car.

Sell It

Junkyards often carry used cars that are no longer in good working. Consumers who are searching for a specific car model or car part will often visit a yard because the items they are interested in purchasing are no longer manufactured and sold on the general market. Auto enthusiasts enjoy restoring vehicles, so if you sell your clunker to a yard, you are potentially making someone out there happy. Additionally, you will get paid, something. Every car has a different value on this market, and it is not usually high. Instead of keeping the eyesore in front of your property, though, consider selling it.


If you know that your car is a clunker, and you know that it no longer has a high value, it can be removed from your property at no cost to you. A junkyard can provide a towing service that will pick it up from you. If the vehicle has some value, they will subtract the towing fee from that amount and give you the rest.


Charities are often happy to take vehicle donations, so your clunker may be of use to them. Simply contact a representative.

For more information about junk cars in Blue Island, call New Cats Auto Parts, today.

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