3 Tips for Renting the Right Lake Geneva Banquet Hall for Your Event

When you’re planning a wedding reception, graduation party, or any other special event, one of your biggest concerns is to find the right venue. There are several factors that you’ll consider as you search for banquet halls in Lake Geneva, WI. However, narrowing down your criteria to three of the most important factors can help you shorten your search.

Find the Right Size

Many people choose a venue size based on the number of people on their guest list and the maximum occupancy notice. Comparing these numbers can be misleading. For example, you might not be including the plus-one guests who will be attending. Additionally, a maximum occupancy of 100 people doesn’t mean all of your guests will fit comfortably into the space. It’s better to tour the venue personally and envision the seating arrangements for your guests.

Ask About Private Areas

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, privacy might be an important concern. If you’re planning to host the wedding, you may need to keep the bride and groom separate prior to the ceremony. For corporate events, your guest speakers may want a private room to rehearse. Inquire about the availability of private areas before renting the hall.

Look for a Good Location

As you look for banquet halls in Lake Geneva, WI, pay attention to the location of each venue. While you won’t want to use a venue that’s in the midst of a busy commercial area, you’ll also want to choose a convenient location. Look for a venue that’s conveniently located but separated by trees, shrubbery, and other barriers. Even a concrete barrier wall may be enough to block the noise coming from nearby highways.

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