3 Tips to Extend the Lifetime of Your Glenview Garage Door Opener

While the average life of garage door openers in Glenview, IL is 10 to 15 years, this requires following some basic maintenance practices. In addition to an annual tune-up, there are things you can do on your own to extend the unit’s lifetime. While these practices aren’t difficult, you will have to remember to do them consistently to get the best results.

Keep Your Garage Door Clean

A deteriorated garage door is going to put more stress on the opening mechanism, leading to motor malfunctions and other damage. By washing your door regularly with a mild detergent, you’ll keep the door in better condition. This will also help you spot problems before they cause widespread damage.

Visually Inspect the Cables and Tracks

Look at your opener’s cables to identify strained or torn strands. Due to the high tension of these cables, always call a professional for repairs. You should also look for debris in the door’s tracks. Remove debris and keep the rollers lubricated for optimal performance.

Check the Safety Features

All garage door openers in Glenview, IL have a safety auto-reverse feature to prevent the door from closing on a person or pet. As you close the door, swipe your leg to ensure the photocell is working properly. The sensor should detect the obstruction and reverse the operation of the door. If the door continues to close, call a technician to repair the sensor.

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