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3 Tips to Prepare Your Tradeshow Booth

When you’re preparing for a tradeshow, there are a lot of logistics to take into account. Between travel arrangements and the actual booth, details can lost in the mix. Here are a few handy tips to help you organize your tradeshow booth plan.

1. Determine Size

The first thing you should decide well in advance of a tradeshow or other event is the size you want. For example, usually the standard smallest sizes are 10×10 booths in NYC. This gives you a decent amount of square footage to work with. Size will not only impact cost, but also how much space you need to have available in the part of the tradeshow floor. Make sure to double-check with where the tradeshow is happening to ensure that your booth will fit properly.

2. Have Your Materials Ready for Designers

Be prepared to send large files to designers as the project proceeds. This may sound obvious, but the technical difficulties that crop up in the exchange of information routinely wastes the time of both the designer and client. If you’re a small business and you don’t have your own FTP server to upload graphics or logos, ask the designer. If this isn’t an option, Creative Bloq recommends a number of free file transfer services.

3. Make a Plan for Set-up and Breakdown

There are two ways to do set-up and breakdown for 10×10 booths in NYC. You can either rely on the fabricator that created your booth and enlist their services, or you can do it yourself. The complexity of booth breakdown varies widely depending on how many bells and whistles you’ve packed into the booth. You’ll need more than a few strong pairs of hands to break down a simple booth. However, if you have a lot of delicate parts or technological elements, it can be worth the trouble of paying the designer to do it for you.

A successful tradeshow booth is all about planning in advance and paying attention to details. As long as you have that process organized, you’re in for a stress free tradeshow where you can focus on potential clients.

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