4 Important Basics in Medical Device Design

Entering into the medical device manufacturing business is a long and complicated process, particularly for startup companies and new management teams. However, through the use of experienced medical device design companies that can move from concept to prototyping and production, the cost of the process, as well as the timeline, can be effectively managed.

There are several important reasons to choose an experienced medical device design service. An experienced company has the engineers and design team to work closely with your in-house team, providing the industry expertise and practical aspects of the project.

Simplification of the Design

One of the most common mistakes made by companies in the medical device industry is to complicate the design. The more complicated the design is, the more challenging it is to produce. It is also more costly and more likely to have challenges in the lengthy and costly approval process.

Working with experienced engineers and designers familiar with the FDA and other device classification requirements can ensure the most effective and simplest design is used.

Evaluation of the Options

An important part of the medical device design is to consider the production options and the materials to be used in the production of the device. This is where experienced engineers in the medical device field really have an impact on reducing the cost of production and in choosing the best material for the given application and standards.

Clear Understanding of the Purpose

Often in-house design teams continue to add on to the initial design, making the purpose of the equipment or device less precise. This not only complicates production, but it can also create challenges in design approval. It is critical to ensure the design is targeted and focused on the intended use.

Trusted Partners

Through confidentiality agreements and professional ethics and standards, the design services are prohibited from discussing the design with any other company or entity. This allows the company with the idea to share details of the proposed device with the design service with complete peace of mind the innovation remains confidential.

At NEO Tech, our experts in medical device design are here to work with your in-house team as trusted partners at any step in the process.

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