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4 Reasons to Use a VA Disability Chronology Service

4 Reasons to Use a VA Disability Chronology Service

When you represent someone who is appealing to receive an increase in their VA disability benefits, the key step you will have to take is building a medical chronology. The chronology, which consists of an accurate record of the veteran’s service-related injuries as the basis for his/her disability and thus inability to work, is essential for creating a quality argument and winning the case for your client. However, VA chronologies have one major difficulty: they simply take too long to compile. VA records can be thousands of pages, and extremely time consuming to review. Take a look at these four reasons to use a medical chronology service to build chronologies for VA disability, and claim the benefits today.

1. Chronologies take a long time to build.

In order to build a proper disability chronology, one has to go through thousands of pages of medical records, oftentimes from different hospitals, clinics, and VA medical centers. This work takes an enormous amount of time on its own; furthermore, since many claims can drag on and on for years, the paperwork just continues to build and grow. Thus, it’s simply not efficient to build a medical chronology on your own for every case that you have.

2. Chronologies are necessary for a successful VA Disability memo.

Every case needs evidence in order to be considered credible, and the VA disability chronology is the evidence that you need in order to argue your client’s case. The medical records provide empirical evidence that your client has suffered from a disability as a result of his/her service with the armed forces, and as a result, you need to build an accurate chronology to show this. Furthermore, just having a chronology isn’t enough; it needs to be sorted and arranged into subsections for easier viewing, and organized chronologically to clearly display the timeline of events that occurred.

3. You can save time for your representatives.

When you have your representatives build their own chronologies, you will find that the process not only takes away time from their other duties, but also takes a greater amount of time to complete the same amount of work that a chronology service would. This is because a employee may be spread too thin between different tasks, and thus cannot concentrate fully on making one task like summary writing more efficient. By shifting the duty of creating chronologies to a service, you save your employees a large amount of time and effort, allowing them to perform better at their other duties.

4. You can satisfy your clients.

With the added strength of your chronologies, as well as the fact that employees have more time on their hands and can thus provide more quality service, you will find that clients are overall more satisfied. This leads to greater profits for your firm, and ultimately a stronger business in the long run.

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