4 Things to Know When You Go Solar

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Home Improvement, Solar

Before you give the go-ahead, here are a few things to keep front-and-center when you hire a company for solar installation assistance in Bakersfield.

Ask about their equipment

Not all companies have the tools and equipment to finish the task. That’s why it pays to ask, Mother Earth News says. By taking the time to find out what kind of equipment your prospective installers have, you have a clearer idea of which companies fit the bill more than the others.

Pick the right panels

When you shop for panels, you’ll need to consider three things: durability, production, and quality. You want panels that will provide you with lasting performance, even when the panels are exposed to challenging weather conditions. Knowing how much power your panels can produce is also important. As for manufacturer quality, you can get a solid read on this when you check the warranties that the manufacturer offers. If the company is confident in providing you with warranties that offer long periods of coverage, then you can expect superior product quality.

Look for installers

Don’t waste your time trying to find out whether a DIY approach will work or not. Save yourself the trouble and stress simply by looking for a company to give you the solar installation assistance in Bakersfield that you need. Don’t forget to review the company’s licenses, track record and reputation, just to name a few. Checking these things out will help you form a gauge on whether you’ve found a good installer or not.

Consider experience

Another factor to consider when you choose a solar energy installer is the amount of experience the company has. The longer it’s been in the business, the better. You know the company has the knowledge and experience to see to your needs if it’s already been in the industry for years.

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