4 Ways to Lower the Cost of Operating Your Home’s Air Conditioning in Corona CA

Summertime temperatures in Corona can leave homeowners shocked at the cost of operating their home air conditioners. If your utility bills seem too high, there are some easy ways to cut back and ease the hot-weather strain on your wallet. Keep reading to learn some simple, effective ways to lower the price of running your Air Conditioning in Corona CA.

Get a Professional Tune-Up

To keep your Air Conditioning in Corona CA running efficiently–and inexpensively–invest in a seasonal tune-up by a qualified HVAC technician. Your local heating and air contractor can clean up you unit and make sure it’s running in tip-top shape. This relatively low-cost yearly service can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs during the year.

Change Your Filters

Dirty or clogged air filters can dramatically lower the efficiency of your air conditioner, causing higher energy bills and more frequent breakdowns. To keep your unit running properly, be sure to change your filters regularly. Depending on the type of filter your system uses, you’ll need to change your filter once every 1-3 months. In addition, most experts recommend frequent cleanings in between filter changes–simply rinse your filter in warm soapy water if you notice it looks less than fresh.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit, called a condenser, can easily become clogged and add unnecessary costs to your energy bills. To avoid this, check it frequently and make sure leaves, branches and other forms of debris haven’t become trapped in the fans or coils. You should also open up the unit and give it a thorough cleaning with a garden hose a few times each year. This will keep your Air Conditioning in Corona CA running smoothly all year long.

Give it a Rest

One of the easiest ways to wear out your Air Conditioning in Corona CA prematurely and drive up your energy costs is to run your unit non-stop at low temperatures. According to statistics, for every degree your raise you thermostat, you’ll save around 3% on your energy costs. In addition, your air conditioner will be less likely to need repairs and will last much longer than an overused unit.

The cost of keeping your home cool can be high, but there are some easy ways to spend less. Keep the cost-saving strategies above in mind, and talk to your local HVAC service technician for even more ways to save.

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