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4 Ways To Stay Safe on a Boat in Bonita Springs

4 Ways To Stay Safe on a Boat in Bonita Springs

When you go to get boat rentals in Bonita Springs, it could be a great time for the whole family. However, you want the entire family to be safe. Here are 4 ways to stay safe on a boar in Bonita Springs.

1. Learn how to operate the boat
To stay safe, you need to know how to properly work the boat. There may be classes you can take before you head out on the water. You may even opt to have a guide go with you in the case of an emergency.

2. Wear life vests
Even the safest boat can run into an unexpected accident. If this happens, you want everyone prepared. If people end up in the water, they should be wearing a life vest to keep them from drowning. Children and adults alike should all be wearing a vest in the boat.

3. Be mindful of the other people on the water
You do not have a private body of water entirely to yourself. You need to pay attention to the other people in the water. If you aren’t paying attention, it could result in an accident.

4. Only allow adults to handle the boat
Some children are called to the say. These children will likely want to man the boat themselves. Adults can get tempted into allowing someone who is too young to steer the boat or do other things. All children need to be monitored closely at all times.

Boat rentals in Bonita Springs are a way for the family to come together and bond on a good day. Call Extreme Family Fun Shot to learn more.

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