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5 Reasons Dog Owners Should Make Regular Appointment With A Person Who Specializes In Pet Grooming In Lorton VA

5 Reasons Dog Owners Should Make Regular Appointment With A Person Who Specializes In Pet Grooming In Lorton VA

If a person is thinking about adopting a dog, they should understand the responsibilities involves as well as the things that the dog will need. One important thing that the owner will need to think about is having their dog groomed. There are several benefits of taking the dog to a professional who handles pet grooming in Lorton VA.

Nail Clipping

Like humans, a dog’s nails will grow long if they are not clipped regularly. Clipping a dog’s nails is not as easy as it sounds. Dogs have blood vessels in their nails. If the owner were to nick one of these blood vessels, the dog’s nails may bleed a lot. Also, if the nails are cut too short, it can be painful for the dog. The easiest and most fool-proof way to trim a dog’s nails is to have it done by a professional groomer.

Flea Dip

If the dog has fleas, the flea shampoos that can be bought in the store are not always effective in killing the fleas. A professional groomer can give the dog a flea dip so that it is free of fleas when the owner starts the monthly flea treatments.

Proper Trimming

If the dog has long hair, it will look and feel better when its hair is trimmed. Cutting a dog’s hair is much different than cutting a human’s hair. A professional dog groomer will have the knowledge and experience to give the dog a haircut that looks great.

Catch Medical Conditions Early

Dog groomers are trained to catch the early signs of skin diseases, skin allergies, rashes, gum disease and ear problems. In most cases, these are not things that the typical dog owner will be able to spot on their own.

Less Shedding

When a dog is groomed regularly, it will shed less. The groomer will use a special tool to remove the shedding hair. This will help if the owner’s furniture is often covered with fur.

When a person adopts a dog, they should be sure to set up regular appointments with a person who specializes in pet grooming in Lorton VA. For more information, contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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