5 Signs You Need to Shell Out Money for Replacement Windows Now

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Home Improvement

Window damage doesn’t come out of the blue. You’ll see plenty of signs along the way before your glass panes or frames get into a sorry condition. If you encounter any of the following signs, then that’s your cue. You’ll want to start looking for replacement windows in Marin County before your window situation worsens.

They’re warped

If your windows are made of wood, then long-term exposure to rain, humidity, and weather changes can lead to warping. That means the material will shrink before expanding again. The contraction will leave your window with air leaks. That could develop into a series of problems. It’s best that you shop around for replacement windows in Marin County to fix the problem sooner rather than later.

You have high energy bills

Drafty windows can increase your energy consumption bills by as much as ten or twenty percent, Forbes says. If yours is already on the rise and a faulty AC isn’t the problem, then your bills could be the result of having too many air leaks or drafts in your home.

They won’t close

If your windows can no longer be closed, then that could give criminal elements easy access to your home. Improve the security of your property by installing new windows to replace the ones that won’t properly work anymore.

They won’t open

On the other hand, if your windows refuse to open, that could be considered a safety hazard. In case a fire breaks out, a locked window can hurt your chances to escape. That’s why it always pays to have damaged or broken windows dealt with as soon as possible.

You just underwent a major storm

If you’ve just survived a bad storm, check your windows for damage and replace any that show signs of cracks, dents, chips or even peeling to prevent air leaks and other problems.

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