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Evaluating A Dental Saliva Ejector

Evaluating A Dental Saliva Ejector

Although utilizing the same vacuum canister and equipment, the dental saliva ejector and the HVE or high-volume evacuator are used for two different types of processes to remove liquids from the patient’s mouth.

The dental saliva ejector, often simply noted as the SE, is a low-volume evacuator designed to remove accumulations of saliva. This system, which includes a disposable tip, a handheld control and a tube running to the vacuum canister in the equipment, is often used during routine exams or simple cleaning procedures when additional water is not used to irrigate the mouth or gum area.

What to Compare

The dental SE is actually a valve, allowing the suction to be on or off through the handheld control. This allows the dentist or dental technician to remove the moisture accumulating in the patient’s mouth with effective but lower levels of suction.

These valves, as part of a sterilization protocol, will need to be cleaned on a scheduled basis. Even though the SE tip, which is disposable, is the only component of the system in direct contact with the patient, cleaning is important as there are situations where backflow can occur.

The single biggest issues with backflow is when the patient closes his or her lips around the SE tip. This creates a partial vacuum in the mount, and any liquid in the tip and the intake port of the valve can flow back into the mouth of the patient.

Autoclavable dental saliva ejector makes sterilization of the valve very easy. These valves are designed to stand up to the heat of the autoclave without any risk of damage.

Some SE products are designed to be ergonomic and fit easily in the hand. This is ideal for busy offices where multiple dental hygienists and technicians may use the same equipment. Companies may also offer different finishes, control levers, and connectors on the dental SE to make it a better match with current equipment in use.

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