5 Unique Facts About Pool Ionization Systems

The benefits of utilizing a pool ionization system are innumerable. However, they possess a few incredibly distinct qualities that make them stand out from any other water sanitization system on the market. Here are the top five things that make the systems and their technology especially unique.

1.  They’re Healthier

Chlorine sterilization methods come with a host of side-effects. Some of them include dry skin, itchy eyes, breathing problems, allergy issues, sensitivities and reactions to the chemicals. Recent studies even link swimming in chlorinated pools to cancer. Additionally, chlorinated water tends to cause immediate gastrointestinal issues. However, pool ionization has none of these worrisome side-effects and leaves the water safe enough to drink.

2. They Reduce Dependency on Chemical Agents

One of the most exciting things about them is that they reduce dependency on chemicals. Because ionization is naturally extremely effective, it’s rare to need to use any other method of pool sanitization. Using fewer chemicals is better for you, better for the environment, and it provides financial benefits, which makes this an incredibly unique and cool fact.

3. They Have Ancient Roots

An Egyptian medical text, called the Smith Papyrus, written between 2600-2200 BC, references the use of copper to sterilize water for drinking. It was also commonly used by people in ancient Greece, Rome and by the Aztecs. It’s been proven effective for sterilizing water and for medicinal uses for thousands of years. No other method can claim that kind of track record.

4. They’re Out of This World

It’s so different, the technology has been taken to the moon. NASA used silver ionization to keep drinking water sterile aboard the Apollo flights. Even back in the 1960s, the US government understood the benefits of this style of sterilization. In fact, the system has been endorsed by none other than Buzz Aldrin.

5. They’re Deadly (But in a Good Way)

They efficiently deliver a triple-punch to knock out viruses, bacteria and algae. Normally, a chemical cocktail would be required to take out all of these. However, this type of system gets all three and does so without all the harmful side-effects of chlorine and similar counterparts.

The technology used in pool ionization has been used throughout history at a very basic level and has developed in proficiency over the years. Despite adjustments in how it’s done, the core remains the same. It also has unparalleled benefits paired with a proven record of safe and effective use. From Ancient Egypt all the way to the moon, it’s stood the test of time and has been trusted by multiple generations and across numerous cultures. That’s not just unique, it’s unheard of anywhere else.

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