6 Reasons to Use a Z Bar Hanger

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Business

Looking for wall solutions? If you need a fast and efficient way to mount your flat screen TV to the wall or hang a couple of portraits in the hall, using a Z bar hanger is one way to get the job done. ExistDecor cites this as a reliable mounting system. If you haven’t given this one a try, here are several reasons why your inner DIYer should start using this for your little remodeling projects around the house:

1. Small Installations. Want a professional way to mount portraits on the wall than putting in a couple of nails? A bar hanger is the ideal way to put small to medium-sized frames up on your wall. With the bar hangers, you won’t have to worry about a sleeve snagging on that exposed nail head. Even when you slide off the mounted portrait, the design doesn’t snag and the sides aren’t sharp enough to wound or graze your arm if you happen to run past the exposed bar hanger in the hall.

2. Heavy Installations. A z bar hanger works especially well as a mounting system for oversized paintings and heavy mirrors. If you’ve always wanted to hang a mirror over one solid block of wall in your room for that wonderfully dramatic effect, this bar hanger makes that possible. Because of the way it’s designed, the Z bar hanger demonstrates remarkable holding capacity.

3. Sturdy. Given the load it can accommodate, this bar hanger is also incredibly sturdy and durable. It won’t easily break and is capable of lasting for many years, unlike nails that rust over time. Since aluminum doesn’t rust, you get to take advantage of this mounting system for years.

4. Customizable. Want to put something different on your walls? Another excellent quality of these bar hangers is that they’re quite easy to resize and customize to fit your needs. So you won’t have to worry about using a different one for your portraits or your mirror.

5. Safe. Aside from portraits, you can also use a Z bar hanger to safely mount your flat screen TV or headboard in place. No need to worry about your TV or headboard toppling over you while you’re in bed. You can rest easy in the night, knowing both held securely in place with the bar hanger.

6. Easy to Install and Remove. Need to do rearrange a couple of things in your home? No worries. These bar hangers are as easy to remove and install so you won’t have to call in for professional help just to get them off the walls.

Looking for safe and secure wall mounting solution? Give this one a shot.

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