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Drain Cleaning in St. Paul MN – A Brief Overview

A clogged drain can prove to be a major headache for anyone. Dirty water might leak out of the drain and onto the surface above, causing a lot of problems. The biggest issue that most people face is that it’s difficult to figure out where the drain has clogged. Cleaning sewers and drains is not a job for people who have no experience of doing so. In trying to unclog their drains, many people end up causing even more damage. Rather than trying to be an expert on your own, you should consider hiring a drain cleaning service provider.

There are many companies that offer drain cleaning in St. Paul MN. Most of these companies use sophisticated equipment in order to figure out the source of the blockage and then start unclogging it. Apart from simply unclogging drains, these companies also offer plenty of other services. Here are some of the most popular services offered by traditional drain cleaning businesses.

Locating and Verifying Breaks

Breakages in the sewer or drain line could cause a lot of problems. Dirty water could accumulate beneath the surface of your floor, thus causing a lot of damage. In some cases, you might even see water coming up from underneath the floor. If that’s the case, you should consider calling a professional plumber right away. There have been cases where people have even reported water coming through their walls as a result of a drain line break.

Rather than using guesswork, professional plumbers use sophisticated equipment and camera systems in order to figure out the source of the leak. Some companies offer 24/7 emergency services too. As soon as they receive a call, a team is dispatched to the location with the necessary equipment. After assessing the damage and figuring out the source of the break, the company will get to work on fixing it. They primarily use miniature cameras, fiber-optic cables and other high-tech equipment to figure out the source of the leak.

Water Jetting

With the passage of time, limescale deposits along the sides of the pipes can reduce the water pressure significantly. If you feel that the pressure in your taps has decreased, you should consider calling a professional drain cleaning service. Water jetting is a procedure in which water is flooded into the pipes and drains at very high pressure in order to clean the sides.

This process should not be compared with the mechanical approach in which a cleaning rod is used. There’s no danger of line breaks when using water jetting and, most importantly, no holes are cut in the drainage lines in order to insert a mechanical rod.

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