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6 Things to Know Before Getting an Oil Change

6 Things to Know Before Getting an Oil Change

Replacing the oil in your car helps extend the service life of your engine. Check out the following tips and pointers for getting an oil change, though, before you go proceed.

Hire pros

There are plenty of DIY tutorials out there. But if something goes wrong, then only an expert will know how to deal with the problem. If you lack skills, tools, and knowledge, it’s much better to look for a service facility to perform the oil change in Garland TX.

Check the manual

You’ll want to check out the manual for service schedules, the Car Connection says. Make sure you take note of important dates. Pencil them into your calendar so you won’t miss anything. That’s one way to ensure you won’t skip the oil change, postpone or forget about them altogether.

Read reviews

Pick a trusted repair facility for an oil change in Garland TX. Scroll through reviews about the service shop. Are customers happy? Or is there a negative trend in the feedback? Factor those reactions when you pick a service shop.

Think about considerations

There are plenty of other factors that may require you to go for an oil change sooner rather than later. For instance, driving conditions or the age of the vehicle you’re driving. These considerations can affect you’re the service interval between your scheduled maintenance checks and sessions.

Check the oil

An easy way to tell if it’s time for an oil change is to check the oil. Is it dirty and clouded with impurities? That could be causing a number of problems for your engine. Get the oil replaced as soon as possible.

Look at oil levels

Don’t forget to regularly check your car’s oil levels. If the levels are often low, bring your car to a service center to check for leaks and other possible problems.

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