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A Dental Root Canal in Oahu Can Save Your Tooth

No one wants to face losing one of their teeth, but there are dental health concerns that can place teeth at risk. Infections, cavities and injuries can all cause the structural stability of a tooth to be compromised. When this happens, you could be at risk for tooth death. To help save damaged teeth, many dentists will perform root canals through Dental Oahu work. This procedure can often save an at-risk tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

If you need a root canal, opening your tooth is crucial. The dentist needs to have access to the inner area of the tooth and this can only be accomplished by creating an opening. Openings in the teeth allow the dentist to be able to remove any damaged inner tissue. This also allows for the complete cleaning of the root system of your tooth. Cleaning the roots involves the use of canal files, which scrape down the insides of the roots and remove any infection, tissue or residue. Visit website for more details.

In a root canal, the dentist also removes the nerve. The nerve is no longer needed for full function of the tooth. When the nerve is no longer in place, pain signals will not be sent, which can dramatically improve the lives of patients experiencing chronic tooth pain. Once the tooth is clean, it is packed with a filling material. The filling material used in a root canal is a special type that helps to make the tooth much stronger and less likely to become damaged. This often makes the tooth stronger than it would have been naturally.

The dentist will further protect the tooth with sealant. Sealant is painted over the filled tooth so no food or other debris is able to enter. In some cases, a crown is also needed to completely protect the tooth. If you are in need of a root canal, you need services from a Dental Oahu office. Visit sitename and learn how they can assist you in caring for your dental health. Through a root canal procedure, you may be able to save your tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

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