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A Dentist in Anne Arundel Can Create a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Selecting the right Dentist in Anne Arundel, Maryland is an important decision for a person’s overall health. Dental offices now provide a full-range of care. Dentists recommend that a patient have regular dental checkups at least every six months. If a person has had a serious dental problem such as periodontal disease, more frequent checkups may be needed. Even people who brush and floss every day, can benefit from a professional cleaning. Not only does this cleaning prevent gum disease and tooth decay, it helps keep teeth white.

Medical and dental care improves when the dentist and patient form a solid relationship. The dentist becomes familiar with the patient’s overall health and the patient feels more comfortable with the dentist. During a regular check-up, the patient may decide to discuss additional dental concerns. People are often ashamed of the quality of their smile. Because these may involve emotional issues, the patient may not feel comfortable discussing this with a stranger. Once they get to know their Dentist in Anne Arundel, they feel more comfortable discussing crooked or missing teeth. There are so many cosmetic dentistry techniques available that the dentist can recommend a treatment to solve the problem. He and the patient can work together to develop a path to a perfect smile.

The patient’s parents may not have had the money to pay for braces when they were small. Now that they are an adult, they can pay for their own teeth straightening. Patients may be able to use Invisalign transparent aligners to move their teeth into the correct position. The dentist will make a series of aligners that gradually nudge the teeth into the right location. Each aligner is worn for two weeks. Dentists usually give the patient two to four aligners at one time. This minimizes the number of dental visits. Busy adults appreciate this.

Once the teeth are in the correct location, the dentist can determine whether dental implants or a permanent bridge is the best solution for missing teeth. In a year or two, the patient should have the smile they’ve always wanted. Annapolis Dental Associates is one of the dental offices in Annapolis that can provide the full spectrum of dental care. People can call them for an appointment.

Annapolis Dental Associates

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