A Divorce Attorney Can Help You Deal With Alimony And Child Support

One of the key responsibilities of a divorce attorney in Alpharetta, GA, is to handle the equitable division of assets. In many marriages, a common arrangement involves one spouse working to provide the family income while the other manages household affairs. Legally, this partnership is regarded as equal in all aspects, even though responsibilities are divided. Throughout this partnership, marital partners accumulate various shared assets, including homes, cars, and bank accounts, which must be fairly divided during divorce.

Your divorce attorney in Alpharetta, GA, can inform you about your state’s specific requirements. Some states mandate a uniform 50% division of assets, which can apply even if the marriage was brief. Other states consider assets brought into the marriage and do not include them in the divisible property. Besides current assets, one spouse may be entitled to a portion of future assets and income in the form of alimony and child support.

Alimony may be awarded to the spouse with a lower income. This aims to rectify situations where one spouse developed their career while the other managed other aspects of the household. Ending this partnership might leave the first spouse in a better financial position while the second spouse is left without a job and a developed career. Awarding alimony provides the second spouse an opportunity to establish their own career.

The amount of alimony is often based on the duration of the marriage and continues until the recipient remarries. Splitting a paycheck to support two households instead of one can be a significant financial burden for both parties, often making it difficult for some couples to afford divorce. This complex situation is best handled by a divorce attorney in Alpharetta, GA.

Child support is also provided if the spouse with the lower income is granted custody of the children. The amount is determined with the children’s needs in mind.

However, a common issue is that, even when alimony and child support are specified in the divorce papers, they are often not paid. The spouse receiving these payments should work closely with their attorney to explore options such as wage garnishment to ensure consistent payment.

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