A Few Reasons Why Your Next Floor Should Be A Seamless Floor

When it comes to choosing a flooring material, most people consider either wood, carpet, tile, or laminate. But, there is one type of unique flooring material that offers several advantages over the aforementioned materials: resin flooring. The well-informed consumer weighs all the options before making a decision, examines all the advantages and disadvantages of the options, and is sure to discover why a resin or epoxy floor is the wisest choice.

Resin or epoxy floors have made tremendous advancements over the years and are no longer the familiar dull, gray flooring of garages and workshops of days gone by. In addition to the traditional quartz lookalike patterns, a plethora of colors are now offered either singularly or combined in endless combinations. Or, choose from a wood-like finish to exotic metallic epoxy finishes. Regardless of the color or pattern chosen, the benefits remain the same, including the following:

  • Durability. Unmatched in its durability and strength, a Seamless Floor can stand up to stress and forces that would otherwise chip, crack, scratch, or cut surfaces like wood, vinyl, tile, or even concrete. With outstanding durability comes unparalleled longevity as well. Provided it is installed correctly, an epoxy floor will decades, long after other flooring types have been replaced multiple times.
  • Design Flexibility. No other flooring option offers more color, pattern, and customization options than epoxy flooring. The only limiting factor is the imagination. Options include adding aggregates, company logos, favorite professional sports team emblems, or metallic or decorative flakes or chips. Special anti-slip grit can also be added to the epoxy flooring for increasing slip-resistance.
  • Resistance. Resin floors are incredibly resistant to nearly any liquid, including fuel, laboratory chemicals, grease, solvents, cleaning compounds, and oil among others, making them the premiere flooring choice for hospitals, laboratories, automotive shops, restaurants, and residential bathrooms, kitchens, and garages. A Seamless Floor is also resistant to germs and bacteria making sanitation simple. A floor is only as strong as what it lies on, and with an impervious covering like an epoxy floor, the concrete underneath is well-protected.

A resin floor installed by us offers an inherent ability to adapt to the ambient temperature, making it an ideal choice for residential use, where it provides a comfortable surface for bare feet. Its upfront cost is a bit higher than comparable flooring but, due to its long lifespan, the initial cost becomes a moot point. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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