A Guide to Filter Changes and Home Air Conditioning Service in Greeley CO

Not so long ago, most people only had to think of changing the air filter in the furnace, but that has changed. With today’s sophisticated climate control systems, homes may have several filters that need Home Air Conditioning Service Greeley CO. Clean air does wonders for the body, but it’s also great for the home’s HVAC system. To help homeowners start a filter-changing schedule, below is a list of common HVAC devices and their recommended filter change intervals.

Forced-Air Heating Units

The filter should be checked once per month during heating season. If the home also has a central air unit, it should be checked monthly during the summer. Filters should be replaced at the beginning of each season and at any time when the filter appears to be dirty. If the homeowner isn’t sure how to install the filter correctly, they should consult an HVAC technician with Advanced Comfort for advice.

Evaporative Coolers

Most new evaporative coolers (sometimes referred to as “swamp coolers”) are equipped with air filters that clean air before it reaches the internal cooling pads, and some have water filtration systems that remove sediment and minerals. These filters should be inspected and replaced by a home air conditioning service in Greeley, CO based on the unit’s usage and upon local conditions. If the unit is heavily used, filters and padding should be checked monthly during the cooling season.

AC Units

Conventional AC units usually don’t have a filter mounted on the unit itself. However, most should have evaporator and condenser coils cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Running the unit’s fans in recirculation mode will still cause filters to accrue dust, whether or not the AC is cooling. As homes vary widely in terms of dust level, each homeowner’s filter maintenance schedule may vary.

Ventilation Fans

A range hood in a kitchen typically has, at least, one filter to capture vapors, grease, and odors. With non-ducted units, filtration is especially important, as it prevents exhaust from entering the room. Some filters can be washed while others should be disposed of properly. Filter maintenance scheduling depends on the frequency and nature of cooking, but periodic inspections are recommended.

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