A Guide to Renter’s Insurance in Hawley, PA

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Insurance

When someone rents a home or apartment, they should insure their belongings. However, few renters have this type of coverage because many assume they’re covered by a landlord’s policy. Replacement cost and liability are great reasons to consider purchasing renter’s Insurance in Hawley PA, and other reasons are listed below.

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Renter’s insurance costs an average of $187 per year according to 2013 figures from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. A renter’s actual costs depend on a variety of factors, including the desired coverage level, the size of the deductible, and the renter’s location.

It Covers Personal Property

Renter’s insurance policies cover losses to personal property, including jewelry, clothing, computers, electronics, furniture, and luggage. Many people underestimate the value of their belongings, which can be costly in the event of a claim. However, renter’s insurance can cover it all.

Many Landlords Require It

A landlord’s insurance policy covers the land and the structure, but not the renter’s belongings. Many landlords now require tenants to buy renter’s insurance, and they typically want proof of purchase. If a renter needs help finding coverage, the landlord might be able to provide assistance.

Providing Liability Coverage

Standard renter’s policies include liability coverage, which provides protection when someone is injured in the home. Liability coverage pays court judgments and legal fees up to the policy limit.

Travel Coverage for Renters’ Belongings

A renter’s policy covers a person’s belongings, whether they’re in the home, a vehicle, or in transit. Possessions are protected from loss due to theft, vandalism, and other reasons anywhere the policyholder travels.

Coverage for Living Expenses

If a home becomes unlivable due to a covered peril, a renter’s policy may pay additional expenses, including the cost of alternate accommodations, food, and much more.

Renter’s Insurance in Hawley PA provides coverage for an owner’s belongings no matter where they are. Additionally, these policies offer liability coverage in the event that someone is injured in the home. Clients should understand their coverage and consult an agent about discounts, coverage limits, and deductibles. Call the office or visit Nepainsurance.com for more details or to buy a renter’s insurance policy.

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