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A Large Fabric Cutting Table Gets the Job Done

A large fabric cutting table can give your business the advantage that it needs. A fabric table that meets your businesses unique fabric cutting will ensure that you can stay focused on your core business requirements and worry less about your production.

Why Go Large?

A large fabric cutting table is a better value for any garment industry. You can always cut smaller swatches of material on a large table, but you cannot cut larger swatches of material on smaller tables. A large table will:

  • Deliver the flexibility that you need
  • Manage large volumes of material easily
  • Make accurate cuts
  • Reduce wasted material

A large table is a great solution for any business that needs flexibility and wants to be able to have options.

Large Volumes of Fabric

The beauty of a large table made for cutting is that it can handle large amounts of fabric and wider widths. The accuracy of these tables delivers unmatched cutting services without the hassle of having to do it in pieces or parts.

Reduce Error, Reduce Waste

By having the table that you need in your cutting room to manage large widths and more, you will reduce error and reduce waste. One of the biggest costs to manufacturers is material, which unfortunately often winds up on the cutting room floor because of human error. A table that is designed to easily manage large volumes of material can easily cut costs and reduce material waste. This is the investment that will give you the ROI you need.

Reaping the Benefits

AutoMetrix can help you to choose the cutting table that is going to help improve production, reduce errors and reduce your overall costs. They have a range of equipment that is engineered to deliver precision functionality, durability and reliable results. They also offer great support.

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