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A Simple Guide to Choosing Glass in Guildford for Windows and Doors

Properties that are designed with old windows and doors may lose more heat than buildings fitted with new windows and doors, because frames and glazing types have advanced over the years. Nowadays, most glaziers offering the installation of glass in Guildford will tailor it to your application and climate, so you can enjoy noise reduction and better safety. With a simple upgrade you can expect annual heating and cooling costs to lower, which is why you should take the time to choose a suitable glass type. The following options are suitable for windows and doors, and are normally available with reflective, tinted and low-emissivity coatings.

Insulating Glass

Temperatures can dip drastically during winter in the United Kingdom, and while you may be tempted to turn your heating up, there are other ways to stay warm inside the home. A money-saving option is to get insulating glass in Guildford installed. This type of glass is designed with advanced coating technology, which offers brilliant thermal performance and solar control. Insulating glass is also known as double pane or double glazing, and it comprises two sheets of glass with a gas inner layer, which prevents energy loss.

Solar Glass

This kind of glass in Guildford is a popular option for businesses, because it is attractive and offers a great return on investment. Solar glass allows high levels of natural light to enter a building, which means that you won’t need to spend as much money on artificial lighting appliances. It can be specified for use with pretty much any building, like conservatories and glass walkways, and in many cases it eliminates the need for an air conditioning system. For enhanced safety, opt for solar glass with a toughened or laminated coating. This might cost slightly more, but the chances of break-ins or damages will lower.

Safety Float Glass

This clear, flat glass is produced with a unique manufacturing process. Providing clear distortion, it looks aesthetically pleasing on all buildings. Easy to process, safety float glass in Guildford works well with any flat glass application and has a reduced iron content. The needs of architectural and residential interiors are met with safety float glass, because it is toughened and laminated. When faced with extreme force it will be less likely to break than normal glass. What’s more, when it is fitted onto near-perfect parallel surfaces, the finished result will look professional.

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