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A Soundcast Portable Out door Speaker Keeps The Party Going

A Soundcast Portable Outdoor Speaker has the power and range to keep the party going well into the night. One hundred watts of power allows for music transmissions through walls, floors, and ceilings. Three hundred and sixty degree sound from an eight-inch woofer, with a range of three hundred feet, provides exceptional sound quality. It can be used on the patio, near the pool, in the middle of the yard, at the beach, or even on the boat. It can also be used indoors for great sound in the basement, the garage, or a room without a stereo.

A comfortable carry handle, a built-in twenty-hour rechargeable battery, and compatibility with Bluecast Bluetooth makes this a convenient speaker. The Soundcast Portable Outdoor Speaker is durable and weather resistant. It also has a built-in auxiliary input port. There is a smaller version as well, known as the Outcat Jr. Melody, that is a small portable speaker with CD-quality audio and built-in key controls. It streams music wirelessly and is compact enough to go anywhere. Customers can view these speakers, compare features, and get full capacity details at website.

Wireless speakers for the home interior are also available in many options. For great sound in a single room, Paradigm and Klipsch speakers offer high-quality and style in a tower, bookcase, and on-wall models. Sound bars and bases are wireless components that enhance television audio and work well in large rooms or home theaters. Wireless systems for multiple rooms can utilize within the entire house. The Sonos HiFi system, for example, is easy to set-up and can be expanded to suit the needs and budget of the family. The initial system delivers music from radio stations, streaming, and iTunes. A bridge component can be added to connect to a router, and a play bar can be used for better television audio.

Other products and services for the home include installation of a home theater, total home automation, surveillance systems, television and wireless speaker set-up, and central vacuum systems. Complete automotive audio system installations and rear seat entertainment are also available. Remote starters and car security systems can also be purchased and installed.

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