A Third-Party DNA Testing Company For Ancient DNA Comparison

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Healthcare

There are many different interesting things to determine about yourself through a DNA test and report. While popular DNA ancestry services provide general information about ethnic regions of the world represented in your DNA, they do not do a detailed report.

MyTrueAncestry is a third-party DNA testing company that provides the deep dive into the past through your genetic test results. As a third-party DNA testing company, they do not do the primary DNA test. You do have to go through another service to obtain your raw DNA data report.

Once you have this raw DNA data, it is uploaded to the MyTrueAncestry site. They then run your DNA data against different DNA samples from archeological dig sites and other verified sources, resulting in an analysis and report.

Limitations to Consider

There are some limitations to any of these ancient DNA analysis options. There is limited DNA material available, which may not be complete or even representative of the region or ethnic group.

It is also logical to assume the smaller populations had less genetic diversity the further back in time you test, which may result in reports that are more similar than specific for the given individual. However, the results are entertaining and fun and provide general information about your family’s ancient past.

MyTrueAncestory does provide a comparison of your raw DNA data to 10 ancient civilizations at no cost. Individuals can choose to purchase a membership that allows for more comprehensive testing of archeological dig sites in specific areas or around the world.

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