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A Variety Of Advantages With Bringing A Dog To A Pet Grooming Service

A Variety Of Advantages With Bringing A Dog To A Pet Grooming Service

There’s controversy about whether dogs should have their tails docked and ears cropped, and veterinarians increasingly advise against having this done. When it comes to changing a dog’s appearance at a Pet Grooming Service, however, that’s a different story. Grooming is not a painful or permanent procedure, even if some dogs object to being washed or having their fur brushed. Professional grooming offers numerous advantages for the pet and its owner.

Depending on the breed, trimming the fur before summertime can help the dog stay comfortable. A thorough brushing is helpful at this time of year to remove loose fur that is caught underneath the top coat in a double-coated animal; the dog will gradually shed this hair otherwise anyway. Many dog owners don’t have a convenient place to bathe the animal, especially if it’s a larger one. The only option at home may be the bathtub, and that might be inadvisable for various reasons. Even when there’s a washtub connected with the laundry area, some pet owners will have trouble lifting a big, heavy dog in and out of that tub, especially when the animal is wet.

At a Pet Grooming Service, the owner can have the dog’s nails trimmed. Dog owners commonly don’t like to do this task themselves, as they worry about accidentally trimming the nails too short and hurting the pet. Especially when the dog’s nails are dark, it can be difficult to know where to make the cut. Another advantage to having a professional groomer do this project is that dogs tend to put up less of a fuss. They seem to recognize the groomer as an outside authority figure who will not give up on nail trimming even if the animal whines or tries to pull its feet away.

A groomer at a facility such as Companion Animal Care Center also can change the appearance of a dog such as a poodle with creative fur styling. The kids might plan to enter the pet in an amateur dog show, for instance, and they might want the dog to look like some poodles they’ve seen in pictures. Visit the website for a list of services available. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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