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About Oral Surgery in Summit NJ

About Oral Surgery in Summit NJ

Knowing when to seek Oral Surgery in Summit NJ may seem complicated, but in most cases your general dentist will make it easy for you. While your general dentist is the one who will take care of your day to day oral health care needs, an oral surgeon is the one who handles the complications and problems that may arise. Your general dentist will usually identify problems like root issues or emerging wisdom teeth, and will then refer you to a local oral surgeon who can handle the problem from there.

The scope of an oral surgeon’s work is often wider than most people assume. Traditionally, the oral surgeon is perhaps most associated with wisdom teeth removal. However, they also commonly perform root canals, install new dental implants, install dentures, and help with custom snoring treatments. People who have issues with chronic snoring may find that the problem can be alleviated with the help of special sleep devices that help curb snoring and promote restful sleep. People who suffer from sleep apnea may also visit an oral surgeon. Sleep apnea patients stop breathing for brief periods while they are asleep, and if the problem is not addressed it can be extremely serious due to oxygen deprivation. Sleep devices created by an oral surgeon can help keep the air passages open during these periods where you involuntarily stop breathing, and thus they can help alleviate sleep apnea significantly.

If you go to an oral surgeon for a surgical procedure, you can rest easy knowing that the oral surgeon is highly experienced in this type of work. Most dental procedures performed by an oral surgeon are done under local anesthesia. This means that you will be awake but not feeling pain during the operation. If you have anxiety regarding the operation, your oral surgeon may be able to help by giving you a gentle antianxiety medication that will help you relax.

If you think that you may soon need Oral Surgery in Summit NJ, consider calling Westfield Oral Surgery. They have years of experience in performing surgeries like root canals and wisdom tooth extractions, and the staff there believes in putting the patient first.

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