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ADA Compliant Hotels in Irvine CA

ADA Compliant Hotels in Irvine CA

Traveling is generally a fun and exciting time, but for individuals with disabilities it can be a stressful and frustrating time in some situations. Finding a hotel that is accessible and accommodating to people with disabilities used to be a challenge but now thanks to ADA regulations it is now commonplace to have hotels fully accessible to people with an array of disabilities. Most hotels in Irvine CA area are ADA compliant.

ADA Regulations
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) put forth legal guidelines that prevented discrimination towards those with disabilities and ensures equal opportunity and access for persons with disabilities. This covers everything from employment and education to public access, and mobility access. This includes being able to get in and out of hotel rooms and hotel properties with wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, and not being denied access to a hotel due to a disability such as blindness, deafness, or other disability.

ADA and Hotels
To ensure they are ADA regulation compliant most hotels have built in ramp access outside the building and elevators inside for easy floor access. They will also often have special rooms set aside just for guests with disabilities that feature wider doors and more open floor plans to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. They also must allow certified guide animals to stay in the rooms with guests and also must fill all reasonable requests made by the guest in order for them to use the room.

It can be a challenge to travel at times but when one is disabled it can be all the more challenging, especially if a hotel room does not accommodate your special needs. Fortunately, most hotels in Irvine CA are ADA compliant as is the case with Atrium Hotel, so book your reservations and enjoy your travels!

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