Advancing Your Career With Lymphedema Certification

If you are currently a Physical Therapist looking to increase your skills and provide more specialized treatment for patients with Lymphedema perhaps you should consider completing a course of study to achieve your Lymphedema certification for Physical Therapists. This specialized training allows you to work directly with patients suffering from Lymphedema and increases your value as a medical profession.  The work not only provides more advanced career options for you but allows you to work in a specialized field and help patients facing critical health issues. This balance of helping others while helping yourself appeals to many Physical Therapists looking to take the next step forward in their careers.

Lymphedema affects well over 100 million people worldwide. While it can be inherited, it is frequently the result of injury to the lymphatic vessels. This injury can be the result of an operation, accident or certain diseases. Lymphedema results in swelling due to a buildup of protein rich fluid in the superficial tissues. Lymphedema Certification for Physical Therapists teaches you, as a medical professional, to treat patients using Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

Choosing the right organization to provide you your lymphedema certification for Physical Therapists is an important decision. Factor to consider include the time spent in training, including any accelerated timeframes available, potential start dates, the experience and reputation of both the organization and the teachers, costs and financial options, and finally career assistance that is made available to you both during the program and upon graduation. All training should be “research based” and most likely will include classroom and online courses which provide a dynamic and flexible format.  Of course, high quality instruction should be the norm in either format.

Isn’t it time that you seriously considered upgrading your professional skills to include a lymphedema certification for physical therapists? This one step alone could be the beginning of a new chapter in your career progression that advances your future earnings opportunities and sets you apart as a physical therapist with advanced skills. No one else can take this step for you. It is up to you to decide how and when to move your career forward. As a nationally certified physical therapist you control your future, build your marketable knowledge and skills, and most importantly continue to serve others as a valuable health practitioner and physical therapist. provides all of the training and information necessary to help treat conditions targeting the lymphatic system.

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