All You Need to Know About Turbine Oil Flushing

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Turbine

Turbine oil flushing is a modern-day turbine cleaning solution. It brings many benefits to the turbines by removing cleaning the used oil, cutting down maintenance costs, and enhancing the equipment’s lifespan. There are two different types of turbine flushes which you should be aware of.

Mechanical Flushes

In this type of flushing, an external pump where oil is heated is required. Mechanical flushing uses a high velocity oil flushing technique. Additionally, bearing jumpers are also installed in this method which protects the surfaces from unwanted contaminants.

Once the flush has performed, then mechanical cleaning needs to be done in order to complete the process. The biggest advantage of this type of turbine oil flushing is that it can remove huge chunks of debris and get rid of any grime or dirt from within too.

Chemical Flushes

In this type of flushing, an oil soluble solution is typically added to the turbine oil. In some cases, watery fluids mixed with cleaning material can also be added to the oil. Once the cleaning liquid and oil has drained from the system, then the next step is to flush again in order to rinse away any liquid which might have been left behind. It is recommended to always use a cleaner which is compatible with the turbine oil to prolong the useful life of the oil.

Why Should We Use a Flush?

In order to increase the lifespan of the oil, it is recommended to use flushes. Oil based products are reactive, and if any remnants are left behind in the machine, they are going to attack the new oil and hence negatively impact its acidity, water separability, as well as foam inhibition.

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