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Alternate Treatment Options for Low Testosterone

It is completely normal for men to experience changes as they age due to less testosterone. These are not related to anything besides the normal aging process. However, many men find that these changes are alarming or stressful and seek out treatment to rectify the situation. One of the most praised options is low t treatment in Torrance. It’s not the only one, though! Here are some other ways to increase testosterone levels.

Keeping a Healthy Weight

Studies show that men who are overweight are more likely to have low levels of testosterone. Losing weight can help by bringing those levels back up to the normal range. If you are already at a healthy weight, staying there can help you avoid lowering your testosterone levels.

Get Exercising

Men who have more sedentary lifestyles also tend to have lower levels of testosterone, because the body doesn’t need as much to go through the daily processes of life. Picking up a weightlifting regime is another way to cause production of testosterone. You want to use your muscles and make sure your body is moving each day.

Plenty of Sleep

You may know that the human body needs seven or eight hours of sleep a night, but many people don’t actually get that amount. This is one case where you should heed the requirements. Lack of sleep can also affect the level of hormones in your body so get to bed early to gain the benefits of more testosterone.


While supplements aren’t going to do the same work as low t treatment in Torrance, they can help with matters. It’s been shown in studies that taking vitamin D and zinc can both help with increasing men’s testosterone levels. It’s only a couple of supplements a day and can do a lot of good. Even a multivitamin can help to some degree.

Eat the Right Foods

We don’t mean you have to lay off of pizza and burgers every day but try to get beans and nuts into your daily diet. These foods contain D-aspartic acid, which is known to help promote the production of testosterone. Lentils, soybeans, eggs, and almonds are all great options.

Testosterone Treatment

If you are curious about low testosterone treatment, Advanced Hormone Replacement would be happy to work with you. The office includes a team of skilled workers who can diagnose and provide you with the appropriate therapy. For more information you can call 833-DOCS-AHR.

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