Alternatives to Attending Medical Colleges in the USA

Completing a medical degree program in the United States is not only costly, but it is also very challenging. Students from India are not only managing a significant change in the culture, but they are also learning a different educational model and system. Unlike rote learning in Indian schools and universities, the American model focuses on problem solving and how answers are formulated, which is a very different thought process.

Students with an interest in attending medical colleges in the USA see this as an effective way to qualify and be accepted for a PG in an American hospital. This is an advantage for several reasons, not the least of which includes the free PG with the ability to earn enough to cover the cost of the MBBS tuition.

For students interested in attending medical colleges in the USA, an alternative to consider is to complete an MBBS at a CAAM HP accredited university in the Caribbean. This accreditation is recognized around the world and provides students with the ability to complete their PG in the USA and then return to India or to continue to practice medicine abroad.

The Caribbean Advantage

Unlike medical colleges in the USA, Spartan Health Science University in the Caribbean is designed to support students from India. This includes faculty that is familiar with both the Indian and American educational systems, which smooths the transition for students without the stress of simply being dropped into the American system.

The University also features dietary accommodations for students from India, special holidays, cultural support, and ongoing assistance and support for both students and their families throughout their educational journey.

To learn more about the benefits of attending Spartan Health Sciences University rather than attending medical colleges in the USA, talk to the advisors at Zordha Education. More details can be found at

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