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An Accident Attorney in Honolulu Represents Clients Seriously Injured During Heavy Rainfall

An Accident Attorney in Honolulu Represents Clients Seriously Injured During Heavy Rainfall

Hawaii sometimes experiences drenching rains, tropical storms, and even flooding. This can make driving hazardous because of road conditions and poor visibility. Hiring an accident attorney in Honolulu may be necessary if a collision occurs and the policyholder’s insurance company disputes the claim. In this state, each person’s own automotive insurance is supposed to pay claims no matter who was at fault. Sometimes, though, insurers are uncooperative.

Filing a Lawsuit

Sometimes, the insurance company will pay, but the maximum of the policy will not cover all the expenses. That can happen when serious injuries occur in a collision during heavy rainfall. In this case, the injured person may need an accident attorney in Honolulu to file a lawsuit against another driver if that driver caused the crash. The defense against this accusation will probably be that weather was the cause, not the driver.

Necessary Evidence

The plaintiff’s lawyer will need to gather evidence showing that the driver was not driving safely during the storm. Perhaps the driver was traveling too fast for conditions or even going faster than the speed limit. Wet, slippery roads reduce tire traction and the ability to come to a sudden stop if necessary.

In some instances, one driver has decided to travel at a very slow speed during the storm, perhaps with hazard lights on. Drivers may pull over to the side and stop until the rain lets up. Unfortunately, other drivers behaving more recklessly may cause a rear-end collision by crashing into a car moving slowly. This individual may have been moving far too quickly for the slippery conditions and thus could not stop fast enough to avoid an accident.

The plaintiff’s lawyer will work to negotiate with the other person’s attorney and avoid going to court if possible. However, a trial may be required to resolve the matter.

A Free Consultation

No matter what the circumstances, the injured person should not hesitate to reach out to a personal injury lawyer at a site like These attorneys offer free consultations, during which the person can learn whether they have a good case.

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