Answers for Remodeling a Bathroom in Amherst MA

Remodeling a bathroom is no easy task, and before any major undertaking can begin, homeowners need to seek advice from the experts. There are a number of tricks and tips that can make any daunting remodeling job easier. This article will answer some of the more basic questions that potential renovators might have.

What bathroom flooring is the easiest to care for? Porcelain or glazed tiles are some of the easiest to care for bathroom tiles on the market. This type of material has a very slick surface that dirt and water will slide off effortlessly. Since this type of surface can be very slippery for the average homeowner, they may consider other types of easy to care for floors like textured surfaces, matte finishes, and sand-based glazes. Materials such as limestone should be avoided if an easy to care for floor is the ultimate goal. Some natural types of surfaces such as limestone are very porous and spills will stain them over time.

Is there a special type of caulk to use? When deciding upon a certain type of caulk, pick one that can be removed without harsh chemicals. Acrylic and hybrid formulas fit in this category and contain a mildewcide that will make the caulk last up to five years. Check out Sitename for a variety of different products to help Bathroom Remodeling in Amherst MA.

How much room is needed for a half bath? Building codes can be an issue during Bathroom Remodeling in Amherst MA. According to national building codes, homeowners can fit a sink and a toilet into an eleven foot square area. That may be too tight for comfort, though, and homeowners should consider extending this measurement by several feet. Take the time to read the building codes in your local area to make sure your bathroom has the proper size dimensions.

What type of wiring is needed in a bathroom? This answer depends on several factors. Most houses are wired with 15-amp wiring throughout the bathroom, but homeowners should definitely consider upgrading to a 20-amp system that can handle the increased outlets that a large family may need.
In conclusion, bathroom remodeling does not have to be difficult with the help of some tips and tricks. Remember to install easy to maintain flooring, use the right caulk, check measurements, and possibly upgrade the wiring. If you have questions do not hesitate to call a bathroom remodeling professional.

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