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Apply for an Easy, Fast Reduction of a Bail Bond in Oberlin, Louisiana

As of this writing, the premium rate for bail bonds in Oberlin, Louisiana, and throughout the state is 12 percent. That’s a nonrefundable 12 percent of the total bail amount, which may or may not be doable. Here’s a helpful rundown of basic bail bond types and how to apply for a bail bond reduction.

Cash & Surety Bonds

Cash and surety bonds are the two most common types of bail bonds. The former indicates that a court only accepts the full amount of bail in cash. The latter is an agreement between three parties: the court, the bond agent and the defendant.

With a surety bond, a reputable and insured bond agent presents the bond to the court on the defendant’s behalf. The bond is a formal agreement/promise that makes the bond agent responsible for the full bail amount if the the defendant does not appear for trial proceedings.

Although the surety bond may only be 12 percent of the total bail, it can still be pretty steep for those without resources, family or friends.

How to Apply for Bond Reductions

Traditionally, a defendant’s defense lawyer files a motion for bond reduction or a writ of habeas corpus. The specific steps for filing vary between states but almost always entail a summary of the bail amount, current charges and an explanation of the defendant’s inability to pay.

Occasionally, seasoned and knowledgeable bond agents can offer additional support in the bond reduction process. Bond reduction hearings sometimes happen apart from other trial proceedings or may occur during a defendant’s arraignment.

To find out more about affordable bail bonds and bond reductions, contact

Fuselier Bail Bonding, a trusted local provider of bail bonds in Oberlin, Louisiana.

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