Are Your Stress Levels Damaging Your Engagement?

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Health & Fitness

Planning a wedding is stressful for almost everyone involved. This includes individuals chosen to act as bridesmaids, best man and most noticeably, the parents of the bride and groom. All this stress can bring further problems upon the couple getting married. To find ways to reduce the stress levels premarital therapy can help reduce the pressure by finding resolutions to the difficulties.

Why Stress Increases as You Plan the Marriage

Weddings can be extremely large events where you will need to make a collection of correct decisions, perhaps involving thoughts and processes that are only going to happen to you once in your lifetime. By lacking experience in these areas, it is easy to ask others for help and assistance, but where you don’t like the answers provided, your stress levels may increase even further.

Money, or usually a severe lack of it, is a noticeable element of conflict among many couples. Although your marriage will hopefully become one of the major events of your lifetime, discussions about money and how it should be spent often bring conflict and a lack of real communication. This is the period when couples may spend money they do not have and are not easily able to repay. This forces the couple to begin their marriage in debt and with financial issues affecting them from day one.

Communication Reduces the Conflict

Conflict often rises as different members of each family suggest and expect that their decisions will be adhered to. Inherently, this puts the couple further in conflict with each other.

Premarital therapy can open communication lines for the couple so they can agree upon the budget for the wedding. There is always a list of some subjects that must become part of the wedding while others are simply preferences.

Being in control of the wedding and the finances can change the relationship from conflict to using a significant decision-making process.

When the views of a couple differ around making plans for the wedding and understanding the finances, a meeting with a premarital therapy expert can help clarify each of the individual differences. The couple can explore the areas in which they agree and find understanding in areas in which they contrast.

Discussing the financial and planning problems before the wedding through premarital therapy, can lead to a couple understanding more about themselves and help steer their marriage in all the right directions. Once they understand how they can deal with the problems, the answers may help any areas of conflict during the marriage.

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