Asbestos Waste Disposal in London – Why It Is Your Duty to Manage Asbestos

Handling an asbestos problem is more important than you might think. Whether you reside in a commercial or residential property, there is a chance that asbestos could be present. Although it is a naturally occurring material, it becomes somewhat fluffy once it has been processed and this can result in the fibres being inhaled into the lungs. The dangers of this have been uncovered over the last few decades, due to a rise in the number of people dealing with asbestosis, cancer and other health complications. If you don’t know a lot about asbestos waste disposal in London, discover why it is your duty to call in the professionals when you suspect a problem.

Preventing Diseases

Asbestos cancer is a life-threatening disease that is quite common among people who worked in asbestos-filled environments many years ago without the knowledge that they were being exposed to the material that causes this disease, among many others. Asbestos waste disposal in London will prevent disease and when you consider the fact that half of occupation-related cancers are caused by asbestos (according to the World Health Organization), it is vital that you put your health and the health of others first by hiring a professional to carry out the job properly.

The Management Survey

Once you have arranged a date for the asbestos waste disposal in London, the space will be examined for the management survey. What happens during a management survey, you ask? Well, this assessment, if you will, involves the removal specialists using tools and equipment to find any asbestos containing materials. Otherwise known as ACMs, the discovery of this will assess the risk level and then a plan can be put into place to refurbish the area or, if entirely necessary, perform a demolition and completely rebuild it.

Keeping a Record of the Results

Think about if you were to sell your property in the future – the potential buyers would want to see some history about the premises before investing, wouldn’t they? The company you work with for asbestos waste disposal in London will note down the results, even if no asbestos was detected. Occupational exposure is something that simply must be recorded if the residence is a commercial property, as well as the square footage that was surveyed and the kind of asbestos that has been found. Proving that asbestos has been removed (if it was there in the first place) will make your property more desirable if it was put on the market.

All of your asbestos waste disposal in London can be completed by the team at BlueA.

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