Assessing The Legally-Required Car Insurance In South Austin, TX

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Insurance

In Texas, all auto owners must purchase car insurance as directed by local laws. The local laws require no less than auto liability coverage. The laws are also mandated through federal regulations. The purpose of these laws is to mitigate the risk of accidents and prevent financial losses. The following is an assessment of the legally-required Car Insurance in South Austin TX.

What are The Legal Requirements?

As outlined in local laws, all auto owners must acquire liability insurance that provides at least $30,000 for the initial accident injuries. The coverage must also provide a maximum of $60,000 for accidents that involve more than one victim. The policy provides $25,000 for any property damage that occurs over the course of the accident.

What Could Happen After a No Insurance Citation?

Any auto driver that doesn’t purchase and maintain auto coverage faces penalties. These penalties begin with a fine based on the total number of convictions for this offense. With each conviction, the driver faces further penalties. This could include a license suspension, impoundment of the vehicle, and suspension of the vehicle registration.

What are Options for Car Insurance Coverage?

Auto owners aren’t restricted to liability coverage. They can acquire additional policies to complement these policies such as collision, underinsured motorists, or uninsured motorists coverage. Comprehensive is the highest form of car insurance available. It can provide a wider array of protection for the owner’s vehicle and probable liabilities they could face.

Are There Alternatives?

All auto owners can acquire a surety bond to cover liabilities associated with auto accidents. They could also provide a deposit to the comptroller or a county judge. Any auto owner who owns an extensive collection of automobiles can become self-insured. The auto owner can review these opportunities and determine what meets their needs more effectively.

In Texas, all auto owners are required by law to possess evidence of at least auto liability coverage. They must present proof to officers when they are stopped for traffic violations. A failure to comply with the law results in a citation. Auto owners who need Car Insurance in South Austin TX contact Patrick Court at State Farm today.

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