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Attorneys for Divorce, Custody, Child Support and Related Matters

Attorneys for Divorce, Custody, Child Support and Related Matters

Going through a divorce can be intimidating and fraught with uncertainty as the process can be long, tedious and troublesome. For those involved, divorce can be emotionally charged. It requires a lawyer who is able to maintain his or her focus on the client’s best interests. Our clients work directly with us and our team of divorce lawyers in Summit County. They receive divorce and family law representation that is specifically and individually tailored to their needs and goals.

Expectations and Goals
We don’t give clients unrealistic expectations. When their goals are reasonable and achievable, we develop a case strategy. We evaluate each case independently along with the likelihood of meeting a client’s expectations. When we believe that we can meet the client’s goals and expectations, we exercise every legal option available to meet those ends.

Possible Issues in Divorce Cases
Here are some of the issues that our divorce lawyers in Summit County might be called upon to address:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Setting child support and possible future modification
  • The division of real and personal property
  • Allocation of debt
  • Eligibility for spousal maintenance
  • How retirement benefits might be divided
  • The division of any business interests

Bloch & Chapleau, LLC attorneys also represent clients in other family law matters involving issues like paternity and adoption. If you have been confronted with a divorce or divorce-related issues here in Summit County, we want to help you in protecting your rights and your future. We understand the importance of divorce and family law issues in a way that doesn’t increase expenses or any preexisting animosity. It’s your case, and every decision in it is your decision. We want you to be well educated in the issues surrounding your case so that you can make the best possible decisions regarding yourself and your family members. You can do that with experienced and caring legal counsel.

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