Avoid Septic Problems With Help From Septic Pump Repair Experts in Doylestown PA

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Septic Tanks

Septic control can be a difficult task, and this is mostly because sewage systems work with the aid of gravity. However, there are times when sewage removal requires a pump. For instance, a pump may be required when the drainage comes from below the level of the septic or sewage pipes. Alternately, the septic tank may use a pump to remove any waste water (effluent). Unfortunately, these mechanical devices can fail and require the help of Septic Pump Repair Experts in Doylestown PA.

One kind of septic pump is found in the pump tank. This is an additional tank that catches excess effluent that gets collected in the septic system. A septic tank functions by collecting all the sewage in a single area. The solid matter settles to the bottom of the tank while the lighter liquid rises. On the opposite side of the tank from the inlet pipe is an outlet. This can be connected to a series of leach lines, which distribute the liquid throughout the soil, or it may be connected to a pump tank that collects the effluent. The pump tank will have controls to trap the water for holding or to open a valve when it is time to push the liquid out.

The use of a pump tank can help eliminate effluent when there are large amounts of water being used or it may be part of an aerobic system. Aerobic septic systems have smaller tanks for this function, but they will still need the skills of septic pump repair experts in Doylestown PA when the pumping unit fails. Aerobic tanks are often preferred when replacing an old tank because they provide excellent water cleaning ability and this means less sewage entering the soil.

There are many ways that the septic system can fail and a damaged pump is only one. However, a failing pump may be difficult for the property owner to diagnose and this means it is time to call in an expert. Surprisingly, many home and business owners don’t know much about the sewage handling system. This could be a bad thing, because a poorly functioning septic tank can quickly cause a lot of expensive issues. Contact George C Allen & Son Inc to learn more about septic maintenance, repair and replacement.

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