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Axle Maintenance And Repair Tips From An Axle Supplier In Minnesota

Axle Maintenance And Repair Tips From An Axle Supplier In Minnesota

Axles take a lot of wear and tear from everyday use. Trucks bearing heavy loads put pressure on the axles, while road conditions like mud, gravel, water, and salt, can cause the metal to corrode. Worn-down axles can cause many other problems in a vehicle. However, drivers who want to avoid costly repairs as long as possible can try the following tips from an Axle supplier in Minnesota.

Make Sure Axles Are Properly Aligned

Axles should be parallel so that wheels are the same distance apart in the front and the back. When axles are closer together in the front than in the back, or vice versa, there is friction against the tires when the car is moving, and too much stress is placed on the CV joints. Ideally, alignment should be performed annually or whenever new tires are purchased. If the driver notices a shimmy or vibration or a pull to one side, he or she should have the alignment checked and adjusted if necessary.

Check Tire Inflation

The air pressure in a tire has an impact on the functioning of the axle. First of all, it’s important to make sure that tires are inflated to the correct tire pressure, which depends entirely on the weight that the tires have to bear. Truck drivers can use a truck scale to determine the load and then adjust tire pressure according to their tire guide. In addition, tires should be inflated evenly on both sides of an axle. Correct tire pressure prevents excessive or uneven pressure on an axle while the vehicle is in motion.

Clean And Lubricate The Axles

Like any other part of a machine, axles work best when they’re clean. Caked mud, salt, and road debris can damage the metal and keep it from turning smoothly. Experts recommend starting by removing any big chunks of mud or debris, then using an oven cleaner and a scraper to clean the metal. Other options include using a wire wheel and a pressure washer. Once the axles are clean, they need lubrication. Either an oily lubricant, like WD-40, or a dry powder can be used effectively.

Maintenance can keep a vehicle’s axles in good condition for a long time, but eventually, they will most likely need to be replaced. To find out more about one Axle supplier in Minnesota, visit

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