Beat Back the Fear with Sedation Dentistry

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Dentist

Have a terrible fear of the dentist chair? Would you rather live with the pain – the chronic toothache striking everywhere – than go to the dentist? Horror stories or remembered fears from childhood could be a few of the reasons why you keep rejecting the help and assistance of the dentist. Don’t lose hope though. With sedation dentistry, there’s a way to make the experience more tolerable for you.

Sedation Dentistry
WebMD says dentistry uses medication during dental procedures to help calm patients down. Whether you’re going through a simple cleaning, a tooth extraction or something as serious as a root canal, it can help you reduce your anxiety levels enough to allow you to go for dental care services.

Sedation Levels
There are 4 levels of sedation dentistry. These are:
1. Minimal – This requires mild sedation so you’re still awake throughout, though a tad more relaxed, during the procedure.
2. Moderate – Also known as conscious sedation, you’re still awake but you might not remember most of what happened. Also, you might slur through your words while the procedure is ongoing.
3. Deep – You’re not actively conscious of what’s happening but waking you up is still easy.
4. General anesthesia – You’re not conscious and will hardly wake up, at least until after the effects of the anesthesia wears off.

Sedation Treatment
Do you think this is the right treatment for you? If you’ve got a low threshold for pain, suffer from sensitive teeth or an awful gag reflex, you might need sedation dentistry. Also, if you’ve got a lot of dental work ahead or suffer from heart-rending fear of dentists, this is one way to combat your fear and sit still in the dentist’s chair long enough to get proper treatment.

Sedation Dentists
Most dentists are trained to give minimal sedation. Many are also becoming more qualified at administering moderate sedation. However, when it comes to administering deep moderation or even general anesthesia, only a small number of dentists hold an accreditation from the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) program.

Sedation dentistry can be extremely helpful but it also has its own share of risks. So if you think you’re going to need more than mild or moderate sedation, then it’s best to consult a dentist who has the experience, training, and skills to help you as well as keep you safe throughout the process. So if fear is getting in the way of your treatment, give this option a shot.

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