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Updating the bathroom with a stylish shower screen

The bathroom is perhaps the most widely used room in any house and over time it begins to show the effects of everyday wear and tear. Many homeowners will consider updating the bathroom with a stylish shower screen along with new floors, tiles, lighting and storage space.

A frameless shower screen is manufactured from thick safety glass; it is designed to surround the shower area. There are numerous benefits to the homeowner including ease of maintenance and a sleek modern appearance. The fact that there is no frame tends to make the area appear larger and certainly more attractive. The designs include those with doors that slide open, swing open or fold and slide.

A consideration is the cost, a frameless shower screen is more expensive but in the opinion of many homeowners, it is justifiable due to the numerous benefits, furthermore, the additional expense will come back in the event the home is ever sold.

The different types are differentiated by size and shape. Many are available as standards that fit common sized shower areas and tubs but a frameless shower screen can be custom made to suit the bathroom. Completely frameless screens use no metal surrounds but there may be a track in the event the design chosen utilises a sliding door. The sections of high quality safety glass are rigidly attached to the floor and the walls using purpose made fasteners and silicone sealant.

A homeowner can often deal with the installation of a framed enclosure, this is not the case with a frameless screen; professional installation is required. The individual glass panels are quite thick and awkward to manipulate in the space. The custom designed clamps and fittings must be installed precisely and the silicone sealant is important to ensure water is contained within the enclosure. An incorrect installation can result in failure; the glass may fall and break.

The largest feature in any bathroom is the shower enclosure. Even though it is the largest feature, a frameless design can make the area look even larger and allows beautiful new tiles to show through considerably more than if the view was broken up by framing material. When updating the bathroom with a stylish shower screen the modern homeowner is taking advantage of the best there is. Although this style of shower screen may be a little more expensive it is well worth it as the looks of the finished renovation are enhanced considerably.

Updating the bathroom with a stylish shower screen is a fabulous way of highlighting the features of a full bathroom renovation. You are invited to discuss your design concepts with Geelong Security Doors & Shower Screens.

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