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Before the Commercial Moving Company Comes – Getting Your Organization Organized for Relocating to Miami FL

Whether your business is moving to Miami, FL or moving across the country, by following a few simple tips you can save your entire organization a host of difficulties. It is vital to make the transition between facilities as smooth as possible for you, your staff, your suppliers, your customers, and the commercial moving company that will help accomplish the move. Relocating an office or any commercial facility can be challenging but being organized is an important key.

Plan Ahead

You should begin the planning process at least 60 days prior to your actual moving day scheduled with the commercial moving company. Miami, FL relocation experts, recommend creating a relocation checklist, so all grounds are covered. Advanced planning will also give you time to do things such as changing all of your letterhead and vendor information. It will also give your customers time to adjust their records as well.

Prioritize the Moving Schedule

While planning your move, consider which departments need to be moved first and up to speed in the new location as soon as possible. Make your arrangements based on getting those departments in place along with the changeover of utilities and communications services. Send out notices to all of the entities you do business with alerting them of your move. Confirm that your IT department and Internet provider are completely prepared to make the transition seamless.

Contact Your Phone Provider

Make sure you have excellent communication with your phone service provider about all the important move milestones. By laying a solid foundation for your corporate move, you can make certain that they are committed to getting you up and running ASAP.

Celebrate the Relocation

Consider using your move as a special marketing opportunity with your clients and prospects. Send them a “We have moved to serve better you” postcard. These postcards can also be sent to inform your vendors. You may even want to stage an “Open House” and invite business associates. Also, plan to have an “Office Warming” celebration for your staff a week after the move to help with the transition to your new location.

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