Choosing the Best Granite Countertops in Minneapolis

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Home Improvement

There are so many different colors of granite countertops that it is often hard to choose the right ones for your kitchen. There are some considerations that will make the choice much easier. Among these considerations are the size of the kitchen, the amount of natural lighting, and other colors that the countertops need to coordinate within the kitchen.

Size of Kitchen

The larger the kitchen, the deeper a color of countertops you can choose. If you have a smaller kitchen, then stick to a lighter color, because using a dark color in a small kitchen will make it look even smaller. Many times, designers recommend white granite countertops in Minneapolis, but many homeowners shy away from this choice, believing that it will make their countertops look dull. Instead, consider countertops that have flecks of brown, black, or beige in them to go with your cupboards and appliances, giving a coordinated appearance.

Natural Lighting

You should also consider the amount of light streaming in your kitchen before making a decision on which color looks best in the room. The darker the color, the gloomier the kitchen will appear. If your kitchen does not get a lot of natural light, then consider beige countertops. The granite used in these has lots of brown, black, or gray flecks. Beige countertops look particularly great in Victorian, country, and traditional kitchens. Alternatively, if the room gets a lot of natural light, then brown countertops often look terrific. Before making this decision, however, make sure that the granite countertops will coordinate well with the cabinets, or that the cabinets are placed high on the wall. Brown countertops look great in a rustic kitchen.

Other Colors in the Kitchen

Before choosing the color of the countertops, think about the other colors found in your kitchen, and how you would like to incorporate other colors. One possible solution is to introduce lots of light to the room by using white cabinets, and then installing black countertops. This creates a very modern look, especially when the homeowner incorporates modern-looking hardware and other accessories. Homeowners that do not especially like the look of granite, but love how easy it is to take care of, often find this to be the perfect solution.

With so many different choices in granite countertops, it can be difficult to select the right color. Choose the right color for your kitchen based on its size, the amount of natural lighting, and other colors in the kitchen. These countertops can be used to create a number of different styles. Regardless of the choice, most homeowners are extremely pleased with how easy it is to care for these countertops.

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